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Company history

About SEKO Group

SEKO was established in 1991 in a garage with one EDM machine, which was operated by Mr. Vlastimil Sedláček – today the CEO and company owner. Major success came in 1997 by penetrating the market for manufacturing components for steam turbines. Two years later SEKO Aerospace entered the aviation industry with the production of components for jet engines.  Today we have more than 450 employees in five facilities: three are in the Czech Republic and two abroad – in Brazil and India, where we produce components for steam turbines as well as drilling sets.

One Czech company produces components for aerospace, second is concentrated on components for steam turbines and the third one is a tool and press shop. We have sale offices in German, Italy and India. Still keeping our core values and permanently growing.

Important milestones

  • December 1991 – SEKO Louny founded
  • January 2003 – Production commences in Hlubočky – Olomouc
  • November 2006 – SEKO TOOL, s.r.o. founded
  • March 2007 – Factory complex in Louny completed
  • January 2008 – SEKO Do Brasil founded
  • May 2008 – Production of the first diffuser ring
  • July 2009 – SEKO Germany GmbH founded
  • September 2012 – Start of production in the new plant in Velká Bystřice – Olomouc
  • May 2013 – SEKO India, SEKO Italy established