SEKO German Profile

Louny, Czech Republic

Manufacturing site for blade profile bars for steam turbines

SEKO German Profile is dedicated to manufacturing blade profiles, offering a diverse range of products designed to cater to the requirements of the energy industry.

With a dedicated commitment to quality and innovation, this company serves as a great base for producing various components within the energy sector.

blade profile bars


SEKO German Profile

Louny, Czech republic

About SEKO Group

The technically and technologically sophisticated production at SEKO Group positions it as one of the most advanced and reputable companies in the Czech Republic and internationally.


We remain true to our core values, continually evolving them. Our company policy is simple: achieve the highest quality in everything we produce to ensure customer satisfaction. Over time, we’ve consistently held a leading position as a supplier of components for the aerospace and energy industries. By continuously improving our manufacturing technology based on the latest trends, we create modern products that meet customer needs and technical standards. We focus on reliable and repeatable processes that ensure product conformity.


Vlastimil Sedláček
CEO at SEKO Aerospace