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We manufacture components for aircraft engines and auxiliary power units (APUs) which are included in the groups above, such as diffusers, deswirl vanes, flame tubes, liners, outlet pipes, compressor cases, outlet cases, and turbines.

  • Complex machined rings and flanges – max. diameter 2m
  • Rotary parts of diffusers – individual flanges including blades from one piece of material
  • Shroud segments – to mount stator vanes
  • Blades – machined and moulded
  • Bosses – small machined parts

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High requirements placed on 100% functionality for aircraft engines and their components. Thanks to our high quality, unique manufacturing technologies and continuous innovation, we achieve significantly better results than other manufacturers.

We supply products for both commercial and military applications. Our components are primarily supplied for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and R&O (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) operations.

  • Engine Platforms: Honeywell – TFExxx series, TPExxx series, ASxxx, AGTxxxx, Txx
  • APU Platforms: Honeywell – GTCPxxx-x, GTCPxxx
  • Materials Cres, Inco, Waspalloy, Haynes, Cobalt, Ti, Al
  • Quality Management System AS9100
  • NADCAP accreditation for EDM Electro Discharge Machining








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This component lies immediately adjacent to the compressor, where the pressure increases and flow is regulated.

Where we manufacture...

Power Generation Industry
  • SEKO Aerospace, a.s. – Louny
  • SEKO do Brasil
  • SEKO India
  • SEKO Germany GmbH (office)
  • SEKO Italy (office)
Aviation Industry
  • SEKO Aerospace, a.s. – Velká Bystřice
Tools and mouldings
  • SEKO TOOL, s.r.o. – Rychnov nad Kněžnou

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Quality guarantee

Guidelines, standards

We apply our internal guidelines strictly, and proceed accordingly at all our SEKO Group plants.


We comply with norms for materials, testing, manufacturing procedures, etc.


We hold certificates based on strict production and working conditions: ISO 9001:2008, AS9100 rev.C, NADCAP, WCA

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Professional manufacturing

Manufacturing procedures

We focus continuously on innovation, improvement and streamlining of procedures. The objective is maximum quality and saving time.


So that we can search for and use new technologies for manufacturing, we have special departments for this purpose, which test and introduce new technologies into the manufacturing process.

Machinery and equipment

Since 2001, we have invested over CZK 450 million to ensure we have the best manufacturing equipment.

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