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  • Stator guide wheels

    Guide wheels are an integral part of the turbine and are used to guide the medium to the rotor.

  • Impeller

    Compressor wheels that steer the medium, used for large volumes of air or stear.

  • Diaphragmas

    The stator part of the steam turbine, used to regulate the flow of steam to the rotor blades and thus increase the efficiency of the turbine.

  • Francis and Pelton turbine running wheels

Situation in the field

The issue of guiding steam in turbines lies primarily in the necessity to eliminate frictional losses of the steam flow. Any deceleration reduces the efficiency of the entire turbine. Therefore resistant material which can withstand high pressure and heat, along with our irreplaceable manufacturing know-how, are key factors.

Thanks to a large investment by SEKO Aerospace, a.s. into development and our special technological processes, we can produce exceptional finishes and high strength wheels. We have become an essential partner for turbine manufacturers and operators.


Components for the power generation industry are manufactured in our factories in Louny, Czech Republic and Itatiba in Sao Paulo, Brazil; our international sales office is located in Germany. We are also completing the construction of a manufacturing plant in India and a second international sales office in Italy.


Nozzle segments

Product detail

Nozzle segments

Product detail

Nozzle segments

Finished product

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Nozzle segments

Nozzle segments are the part of the turbine for directing the flow of steam with a specific, accurately calculated flow and direction for the medium. 

Originally, manufacturing prior to 1997 was highly laborious and challenging. Through innovation, we created a monolithic nozzle segment that is inserted directly into the turbine as a single unit.

Where we manufacture...

Power Generation Industry
  • SEKO Aerospace, a.s. – Louny
  • SEKO do Brasil
  • SEKO India
  • SEKO Germany GmbH (office)
  • SEKO Italy (office)
Aviation Industry
  • SEKO Aerospace, a.s. – Velká Bystřice
Tools and mouldings
  • SEKO TOOL, s.r.o. – Rychnov nad Kněžnou

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Quality guarantee

Guidelines, standards

We apply our internal guidelines strictly, and proceed accordingly at all our SEKO Group plants.


We comply with norms for materials, testing, manufacturing procedures, etc.


We hold certificates based on strict production and working conditions: ISO 9001:2008, AS9100 rev.C, NADCAP, WCA

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Professional manufacturing

Manufacturing procedures

We focus continuously on innovation, improvement and streamlining of procedures. The objective is maximum quality and saving time.


So that we can search for and use new technologies for manufacturing, we have special departments for this purpose, which test and introduce new technologies into the manufacturing process.

Machinery and equipment

Since 2001, we have invested over CZK 450 million to ensure we have the best manufacturing equipment.

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