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Professional manufacturing is the key to long-term collaboration

Development and innovation allow us to deliver the best solution

Every year we invest more money and effort in development. One of the results is a number of new patents related to innovating the manufacturing process. Even more important than patents, however, are superior products, which increase the durability and performance of our clients’ equipment.

Efficiency and speed are the key to rapid delivery and savings for the client

In production for flagship projects, we have reduced manufacturing time in total by 40%. Not only are we saving money for our clients, but we are also increasing the speed of delivery and reducing environmental burden.

Customer satisfaction is not just a catchphrase

Our customers always come first. Meeting delivery deadlines and product quality is a matter of course. No less important for us is customer support when addressing emergency situations, innovation, and development of new parts. Since 2010, we have thought up over 20 proposals not concerning our products directly yet saving our customers millions of Euros every year.

Manufacturing procedures are significant

There is a huge difference between manageable disorganisation at the workplace, a sophisticated working system, and order in processes. Every month we come up with new ideas to improve and streamline work for individual members of staff and the department’s collaboration. The result is a leading modern plant with a minimum accident rate and ever increasing efficiency. In 2012 alone, the Louny plant modified 38 manufacturing processes.

Modern machinery is the basis of a global business

We have put emphasis on top equipment since the company was established. In order to supply turbine parts and aircraft components to the whole world, we must always provide high quality machinery and equipment for manufacturing.