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The objective of SEKO Group is to provide services in such a way so as to provide optimal satisfaction regarding the needs and requirements of existing and future customers.

SEKO Group wishes to meet these requirements using the maximum knowledge and experience of their employees, customers’ and suppliers’ experiences, focusing on:

  • achieving stability in the quality of products and services supplied in the field of component manufacturing for steam turbines, aircraft engines and tools
  • fulfilling the existing and future requirements, needs and expectations of customers and interested parties, thus contributing to maintaining a range of regular customers in the field of component manufacturing for steam turbines, aircraft engines and tool making, and expanding the number of new ones
  • improving supplier-customer relations and engaging customers and suppliers of SEKO Group companies in the process of continuous quality improvement for the products and services supplied


ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 certificate is a basic certificate for quality systems, which is standard today for almost every company.

Seko do Brasil AS9100

AS9100 is an extended version of ISO 9001 focusing on the aerospace industry.


NADCAP certification is a narrow-profile certificate for special processes. It is an international certificate guaranteeing the stability of special processes – for SEKO Aerospace, a.s., this is for EDM wire cutting and EDM sinking. This certificate proves we are able to maintain high standards in the quality of products, as supplied to Honeywell Aerospace Olomouc and Honeywell Yeovil.


The WCA is a certificate focused on monitoring high quality in the working environment.


Quality, inspections

The quality of the materials used is derives from customer requirements. Choice can be made from an endless range primarily of rustless steels, nickel alloys, titanium and tungsten components, as well as many more. Inspection of finished products is carried out according to specific needs using a variety of manual gauges including the 3D Dea Global and the Werth 3D Optical Scope coordinate measuring machines.


There is an endless number of norms defining production. We use materials norms, testing norms, special norms for processes and many more. We also follow customer requirements and the norm addressing this. We have access to Czech and European norms as well as a complete database of metals.


The determining factor for company standards importance is that they define the basic functioning for all manufacturing. Our internal business guidelines are defined and clarified by AS9100.

AS9100 is a norm for companies manufacturing products for the aerospace industry containing “FAIR”, which is a 100% inspection of the first produced article. This guarantees high quality standard of products.