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Many manufacturing procedures are subject to patents due to their exclusivity. New ideas with strategic meaning are protected in the same way.


  • Vlastimil Sedláček – Finalist, Ernst & Young – Technology Entrepreneur of the Year, 2006
  • Vlastimil Sedláček – Winner, Ernst & Young – Technology Entrepreneur of the Year, 2008
  • SEKO EDM, a.s. – 2nd place, Hospodářské Noviny – Business of the Year, 2009

The basic reason for the company’s success

  •     Extreme drive
  •     Innovative approach
  •     Courage to change
  •     Ability to choose the right people for the team
  •     Absolute flexibility
  •     Capable of quickly and effectively reacting to changing needs and conditions

Our values

  • Satisfied customers

    SEKO is made up of strongly customer-oriented companies. Thanks to our innovative solutions, we create added value and consider customer satisfaction our unwavering priority.

  • Excellent technologies

    Quality is our main goal. We rely on the latest measuring equipment to make sure the products meet the needs of our customers and comply with the strictest international quality standards, including ISO, AS and NADCAP. Our overall objective is to manufacture components of the highest possible quality.

  • Key people in the right places

    Since January 2012, we have introduced a new recruitment principle: “Everyone has the opportunity” to visit us and demonstrate the skills they have acquired. With a number of potential candidates, including internal ones, we have a wide selection to meet our personnel needs and filling all vacancies with the best people. We do not view staff as a cost item, but human capital.

  • One step ahead in innovations

    Innovations inspire us towards continuous improvement and efficiency. We are literally obsessed with trying to come up with ideas that will lead us forward, to meet your requirements, often even ones you have not thought of. “We have the solution before you ask.”